Insight from an industry professional


My name is Michael L Catalano JR. I’m a third generation horse trainer with my roots stemming from New England tracks.   I took out my trainers license in 1988 and have worked primarily as a horse trainer ever since.   After watching racing decline in my home state, I moved around the country applying my trade at many tracks.   Three years ago after a long hard look at the landscape of racing, I made what I’m hoping is my final move to the state that horse racing is thriving in... Pennsylvania.   Since that time I have grown my stable and life from one horse and sleeping in a tack room. To a 20 plus horse stable and buying a home in the nearby community.   I’m very thankful for the opportunities I have received here and the many people that have chose to put their trust in me. I don’t take either one of those lightly.    As with my grandfather and my father, horse racing is my life's passion.  I am no different from the thousands of people who work in this industry motivated solely for the love of the sport and our equine athletes.  I, like so many others, have built my livelihood around horse racing.  However, since the outbreak of Covid-19, I have witnessed the economic well-being of this business put in grave jeopardy.  Without the ability to race horses we do not have the ability to generate revenue or income.  We do not need, and are not asking for  government bailouts or assistance.  We simply need the opportunity to run our horses.  Safety guidelines for running during the Covid-19 pandemic have been published and  enacted at several race tracks throughout the country with much success.  Please support our efforts to save an industry, jobs and preserve an American pastime.

Thank you,

Michael L. Catalano, Jr.